Smoketest Dogs

When working on a very large project, quality is of the essence. One key part of adding quality to a software project, is by testing.

You have several ways of testing an application. We used unit testing, integration testing, selenium testing. But due to a big difference between our local testing environment (tomcat server) and our test teams environment (websphere), we have to check our release when it is deployed on the test teams environment.
We used the principle of smoke testing. Doing some basic actions and see that the application is still stable. Only big failures are fixed in the release. When we discover a bug, we register it in our bug tracker and it is fixed in the next release.

I think we could also used Arquillian. Arquillian is a framework that wraps your integration test into the container you run them in. Unfortunately Arquillian wasn’t an option. We had to do the test manually.

We started with creating a checklist that is hosted on our local wiki.
This way, we make sure that everything is checked before we migrate our release to the testers. Simple, but very efficient.

We are using this checklist, but every release, everyone tests the same features. This leads into cases where someone always tests the same way. This way, some essential things could be forgotten.

We wanted to create a system where we cycle over test, so each group of test is executed by someone else, with enough rotation to make sure no testing habit is developed.

We wanted to keep this a bit fun, because no one really likes doing smoke tests.

The smoke test dogs came to life.
The idea is simple, the tests on the checklist have a certain color. there are as many colors as there are characters in Quentin Tarantino‘s movie, Reservoir dogs.

The day of the release, everyone picks a card in the scrum stand-up meeting. This indicates what test should be executed.
We have a placeholder in our office where the cards should hang when all the test are succeeded. When all the cards are back, we are ready to release to our testers.

This is a very simple way to keep testing fun for everyone. The only disclaimer, this could lead to some role playing đŸ˜‰
Big thanks to my collegues @erwinravau, @jordanvermeir, @jaspervdm, Cindy and Maarten

And if you aren’t there, you’re mr. pink!
If you're not there, you're mr Pink!

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