Gmail habits in Jira 4

Some time ago I learned about the keyboard shortcuts of gmail. This was a tremendous win for me. I spend a day learning the most common shortcuts. Now I can check my email much faster. When you enable these shortcuts, you get to see a pointer in front of your mail you are on.

I noticed that when our version of jira was updated from 3 to 4 (v4.2.2), here were also pointers in my issue navigation frame.

I just tried j and k and it worked (navigating up and down). Then I tried g + i (goto inbox) and it brought me back to the ‘Find Issues’ page.
Allright, so my known gmail shortcuts help me navigate trough jira. Here’s a complete list of shortcuts for jira:

If your hotkeys are not enabled, goto the account dropdown in the corner and choose keyboard shortcuts.

At the bottom you can enable or disable them.

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