Fucked Up – David Comes To Life 2xLP

Hello, my name is David, your name is Veronica. This is how it all starts, David Comes to life, the newest Fucked Up studio album. It a love story told in 18 tracks and once again they’ve made something completely unique, a 68 minute rock opera, an album set to a play. There is even a whole site dedicated to this record With postcards of the characters who feature in the story, told on the record, be sure to check it out.
When you look where Fucked Up comes from, this a mayor shift in the genre, they started out as a hardcore/punk band but they we’re always pushing the edge, they kept evolving. Their second full length even starts with a flute intro. Not many hardcore bands would get away with this.
Fucked up is one in a kind, thats why I love them so much.
and for a review check pitchfork media.
Anyway here’s the record, on Matador Records.






Perhaps I’ll talk about my other fucked up records some other time…


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