Amenra 23.10 split project Brethren Bound By Blood

I just got back from the post office where I went to pick up the other 2 records of the 3 record amenra split project, “Brethren Bound By Blood”.
Back in october 2009, Amenra played in the Stadsschouwburg in Kortrijk. First they played an acoustic set (like on their Afterlife record) and then switched to their regular set, with added theatrical performances. A show to remember…
Amenra allready put out a DVD and now they’ve put out a split project of 3 vinyl records, a 12″, a 10″ and a 7″.
The 12″ is a split with the Black Heart Rebellion, the 10″ with Hive Destruction and the 7″ with Oathbreaker. The Amenra songs are live on 23.10.2009, The Black Heart Rebellion is live @ De Kreun on 12.12.2010 and the Hive Destruction sone is also live @ De Kreun on 13.11.2010, the Oathbreaker song is recorded in the studio.








Waiting on a new needle for my recordplayer, so I haven’t had a chance to listen to these beauties…

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