Underdog – Demo (Re-Issue) and Vanishing Point

Underdog is one of those NY hardcore bands who started out in 1985 after the fall of the first hardcore movement in the US. They were called True Blue for about a week, after that, the band was renamed to Underdog. This band also combines reggae in their music, like Bad Brains did. It a bit different, but still many people dislike them for this. The energy this band
The band first released a 7″ (with a very cool cover). I don’t have the release from back in 1986 (released on New Beginnings Records), but bridge 9 did a re-issue in 2009, so I bought that one as soon as I could.
3 years later they released their full album on Caroline records, named ‘The Vanishing Point’. The record was much anticipated and when I came out, it was the record of the year. They did an US tour promoting the album. After the tour they decided to take a little break, but that break resolved in the band quitting. They even canceled their European tour. I think now they are back together and playing shows.
I searched for the record a long time and every time it came up, it was overpriced on Ebay. I finally was able to pick one up without the insert sheet for a fair price.
The LP was reissued in 1998 on Go-cart records with a different cover

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