Vogue Vogue Vogue Vogue Vogue…

Vogue was just one of those bands. The first note I head of their fast and dirty hardcore, I was sold. They were from Belgium and brought a fresh sound to the scene. They have put out their first demo around 2005 and will play their last show somewhere in the beginning of 2012. They are know for their childish remarks and they are a lot of places where they are forbidden to play once they’ve played there. The live performance is a bit off, mostly due to the hyperactive singer.
I’ve been collecting all their releases since they started playing. I think I only miss their first demo tape, but I also don’t know anyone who has it.
First Demo tape
Vogue not responsible for causing trends 7″
These first 2 releases we’re independent. For here on they ave signed with Holy Shit Records. I was able to get the preorders for the next 2 records
No Vogue 7″ (Pre-order /50)
Dickfaced LP (Pre-order /200)
By now the first releases are hard to find, so Holy Shit release a compilation album. The pre-order contained a very nice booklet with interviews with the band and cool photos.
Holy Shit records seized to exist so hardware records took care of their last album. Its a maxi called Pompshit.

I guess this is where my collection ends. If they would release a special version of the pompshit album for the last show, I would probably still buy it. Vogue was and is just an awesome band with an awesome live reputation.

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