Wolves in the throne room – Celestial Liniage

This weekend on Groezrock, I have bought my first black metal album. Black metal isn’t directly my thing, but this one is very exceptional.
Wolves In The Throne Room are a iconic band playing a sort of a atmospheric black metal. The band got a great cult status for living in a farm off the gird

From wikipedia:

In 2003, the band moved to a dilapidated 1910 farmstead called Calliope outside Olympia. They have often stated that the creation of their farm-stronghold was linked to their early musical progression. Aaron Weaver’s wife Megan grows organic vegetables at Calliope. The band has expressed bemusement at the mythology that surrounds them, specifically regarding the band’s rural lifestyle. From an interview with Pitchfork:
“I’m sure that some people who meet us are disappointed that we don’t dress in un-tanned hides and dwell in caves, while others are surprised that the farm… and our struggle to create a life that mirrors the energy of our music is quite real.”

the interview with pitchfork can be found here

The record is 180grm vinyl and has very high quality artwork.
2012-04-29 15.58.18
2012-04-29 15.58.41
2012-04-29 15.59.41
On the side I’ve also bought the best Doom album known to man (opinions may differ). Dopesmoker
2012-04-29 16.00.46
2012-04-29 16.01.32

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