Devoxx 2012

This week is the Java week of the year, Devoxx time. I has been trending on twitter since monday, but I’m only going the first 2 conference days, so tomorrow is the big day.
Last year the keynotes (by oracle) were very boring and Stephan promised some better ones this year. It looks like he succeeded. After the keynotes I’m going to focus
on the Future track. This is a new track and looks like a lot of fun. Last year I devoted most of my Devoxx schedule to Scala and I would the same this this year, but there aren’t that many Scala talks (except on the university days). But still I’m going to watch innovative talks about topics that just sound appealing, avoiding partner slots and boring jre spec lectures.
Every year I also pick some talks just based on the speakers, since a good speaker mostly means a good talk.
So this is my programme

  • Wednesday
    • Keynotes
    • The secrest of the Square Stack
    • Home automation for geeks
    • Do you like coffee with your dessert? Java and the raspberry Pi or Fork/Join (doubting since the fork/join and lambda talks aren’t very appeling to me)
    • Effective Scala
  • Thursday
    • Keynotes
    • How to build big data pipelines for Hadoop using OSS
    • OAuth 2 and Identity
    • Simplicity in Scala design (will have to skip Akka talk :( )
    • JavaPosse LIVE (du’h)
    • Re-imagining the browser with angularjs

If you see me, come say hi!

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