The Black Heart Rebellion – Har Nevo

Yesterday evening, The Black Heart Rebellion presented their new album ‘Har Nevo’ to the big audience in the voorruit, Ghent. The last album of The Black Heart Rebellion, Monologue, has been one of my favorites for quite some time, so I was looking forward to this record for a long time. I’m glad to say that they have exceeded my expectations.
When Smoke & Dust records launched the pre-order, I ordered it immediately. This is a numbered copy /70 with screenprinted totembag and poster. Very cool record!


2012 in listening charts

After reading @i3art‘s post about his musical year in review, I have decided to do one of my own, following his example. I used the charts to come up with this data. It isn’t very precise since I mostly listen to my iPod and the scrobbler fails about 3 out of 4 times, dimsissing most of my scrobbles and when I’m at home I listen to vinyl

So these are my listening charts based on the data from

Top 10 Artists

My artists top ten exists out of mostly all bands I have seen live
Converge @ magasin 4
The Tallest Man on Earth @ AB
Woven Hand @ De spil
Om @ AB
Godspeed you! Black emperor, Sleep and Sun O))) are not in this list but are also gigs worth mentioning.

Artist # of plays
1 Converge 266
2 The Tallest Man on Earth 218
3 Ceremony 152
4 The Vaccines 147
5 Kyuss 142
5 Trash Talk 142
7 Melvins 139
8 Woven Hand 129
9 The National 120
10 Om 116

Top 10 Albums


Artist – Album # of plays
1 103
2 98
3 81
4 76
5 73
5 73
7 61
8 59
9 57
9 57

Top 10 Tracks

One track that is worth mentioning is Dopesmoker by Sleep because it is a track of 63 minutes

Artist – Track # of plays
1 25
1 25
3 24
4 15
4 15
6 14
6 14
6 14
6 14
10 13
10 13
10 13
10 13

For more stats check out my user profile page

To bad discogs didn’t have a function to see the records i bought the last year. I would liked it if I could include my personal top 10

Wolves in the throne room – Celestial Liniage

This weekend on Groezrock, I have bought my first black metal album. Black metal isn’t directly my thing, but this one is very exceptional.
Wolves In The Throne Room are a iconic band playing a sort of a atmospheric black metal. The band got a great cult status for living in a farm off the gird

From wikipedia:

In 2003, the band moved to a dilapidated 1910 farmstead called Calliope outside Olympia. They have often stated that the creation of their farm-stronghold was linked to their early musical progression. Aaron Weaver’s wife Megan grows organic vegetables at Calliope. The band has expressed bemusement at the mythology that surrounds them, specifically regarding the band’s rural lifestyle. From an interview with Pitchfork:
“I’m sure that some people who meet us are disappointed that we don’t dress in un-tanned hides and dwell in caves, while others are surprised that the farm… and our struggle to create a life that mirrors the energy of our music is quite real.”

the interview with pitchfork can be found here

The record is 180grm vinyl and has very high quality artwork.
2012-04-29 15.58.18
2012-04-29 15.58.41
2012-04-29 15.59.41
On the side I’ve also bought the best Doom album known to man (opinions may differ). Dopesmoker
2012-04-29 16.00.46
2012-04-29 16.01.32

Vogue Vogue Vogue Vogue Vogue…

Vogue was just one of those bands. The first note I head of their fast and dirty hardcore, I was sold. They were from Belgium and brought a fresh sound to the scene. They have put out their first demo around 2005 and will play their last show somewhere in the beginning of 2012. They are know for their childish remarks and they are a lot of places where they are forbidden to play once they’ve played there. The live performance is a bit off, mostly due to the hyperactive singer.
I’ve been collecting all their releases since they started playing. I think I only miss their first demo tape, but I also don’t know anyone who has it.
First Demo tape
Vogue not responsible for causing trends 7″
These first 2 releases we’re independent. For here on they ave signed with Holy Shit Records. I was able to get the preorders for the next 2 records
No Vogue 7″ (Pre-order /50)
Dickfaced LP (Pre-order /200)
By now the first releases are hard to find, so Holy Shit release a compilation album. The pre-order contained a very nice booklet with interviews with the band and cool photos.
Holy Shit records seized to exist so hardware records took care of their last album. Its a maxi called Pompshit.

I guess this is where my collection ends. If they would release a special version of the pompshit album for the last show, I would probably still buy it. Vogue was and is just an awesome band with an awesome live reputation.

Underdog – Demo (Re-Issue) and Vanishing Point

Underdog is one of those NY hardcore bands who started out in 1985 after the fall of the first hardcore movement in the US. They were called True Blue for about a week, after that, the band was renamed to Underdog. This band also combines reggae in their music, like Bad Brains did. It a bit different, but still many people dislike them for this. The energy this band
The band first released a 7″ (with a very cool cover). I don’t have the release from back in 1986 (released on New Beginnings Records), but bridge 9 did a re-issue in 2009, so I bought that one as soon as I could.
3 years later they released their full album on Caroline records, named ‘The Vanishing Point’. The record was much anticipated and when I came out, it was the record of the year. They did an US tour promoting the album. After the tour they decided to take a little break, but that break resolved in the band quitting. They even canceled their European tour. I think now they are back together and playing shows.
I searched for the record a long time and every time it came up, it was overpriced on Ebay. I finally was able to pick one up without the insert sheet for a fair price.
The LP was reissued in 1998 on Go-cart records with a different cover